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Many of today's Government contracts require a specific CMMI rating as a qualification for bidding on contracts. Preparing for a CMMI appraisal is a costly endeavor in both time and money. Traveling the path toward a CMMI rating, companies tend to take wrong turns and not achieve the target rating.

Unlimited Progress provides assistance to companies seeking to obtain a CMMI rating. Our CMMI specialists have achieved successful ratings in 100% of the SCAMPI A appraisals from level two through level five. Our methodology is based on building strong processes around existing infrastructure to achieve full CMMI compliance. The upgraded processes define organizational standard processes, metrics, and training.

Our services include the following:

  • Performing Gap Analysis
  • Providing guidance for process modeling, metrics planning, and establishing organizational groups and services
  • Developing and presenting process-related training material
  • Assisting in the collection and assessment of appraisal documents
  • Conducting practice interview sessions with individuals selected as interviewees to increase their level of confidence
  • Providing knowledge and experienced staff to be your advocates on the appraisal team

The guidance and recommendations we provide are focused on the successful achievement of the organization's targeted CMMI maturity rating from level two to level five.

If you would like more information regarding our CMMI services, please contact us.

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"The knowledge of the Unlimited Progress staff and the focus and guidance they provided was instrumental in our success" More...
Satya Akula
President and CEO
Amyx, Inc.

"Their knowledgeable results-oriented consultants provided invaluable insight into not only the CMMI model, but also effective ways for REI to align our proven approaches with the best practices promoted by the model." More...
Subhash Kari
Vice President
REI Systems

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Samar Ghadry
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Herman Singh
Vice President Health-IT Division
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