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Capability Assessment Tool

The Capability Assessment Tool (CAT) is the combined effort of our CMMI specialists and software development teams to provide a user-friendly appraisal support tool for organizations preparing for a staged SCAMPI A, B, or C appraisal. Multiple CAT reports make it easy to identify practices with missing process implementation indicator documents (PIIDs) and monitor your progress for appraisal readiness. Your appraisal team will be able to quickly and easily evaluate hundreds of PIIDs, effectively reducing CMMI Appraisal time. The CAT application can be reused over and over for multiple appraisals with each database serving as a historical reference archive.

Additional features of the CAT Software are:

  • Password protected database preventing unauthorized access
  • Appraisers can access process area, practice, and PIIDs from a single screen
  • Provides a graphic progress report measuring appraisal readiness
  • Storage function for adding new artifacts (evidence)
  • Enables easy update of individual documents, preserving multiple links to practices
  • Documents are stored only once and can be linked to any number of practices
  • Document management allows for indexing, editing, replacement, and deletion
  • Verification function checks the validity of all PIID-document links in the database

The CAT currently supports both CMMI for Development and CMMI for Services. Support for CMMI for Acquisitions will be released in the summer of 2011. If you would like to obtain a demonstration version of the Capability Assessment Tool, please contact us.

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This tool has been created by Unlimited Progress, LLC using portions of CMMI® for Development, CMMI-DEV, v1.3, CMU/SEI-2010-TR-033, ESC-TR-2010-033, and CMMIŽ for Services, CMMI-SVC, v1.3, CMU/SEI-2010-TR-034, ESC-TR-2010-034 (c) 2010 Carnegie Mellon University, with special permission from its Software Engineering Institute.

This tool has not been reviewed nor is it endorsed by Carnegie Mellon University or its Software Engineering Institute.

"The CAT was very effective during the appraisal since all artifacts could be pulled from the database and viewed electronically" More...
Satya Akula
President and CEO
Amyx, Inc.

"Using the CAT, we cut down the appraisal time from 10 days to 7 days." More...
Subhash Kari
Vice President
REI Systems

"The CAT application made retrieval and review of the documents fast and efficient during the appraisal" More...
Samar Ghadry
Executive Vice President

"Use of the CAT tool gave us tremendous confidence that we would be ready for our appraisal" More...
Herman Singh
Vice President Health-IT Division
AMDEX Corporation