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   CAT v4.0 To Be Released Summer 2012

Unlimited Progress will be releasing the latest version of its Capability Assessment Tool (CAT) in the summer of 2012. The application will contain all of the current features of version 3.5, but will now include additional features such as:

  • Action Item list assigned to artifacts and/or practices
  • Monitor status of submitted artifacts
  • Dashboard based upon user roles
CAT v4.0 will provide more visibility for project managers and team memebers. At the same time continuing to reduce document management and appraisal time.

Capability Assessment Tool
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   CMMI Quick Reference Books

Unlimited Progress is now offering its popular CMMI Quick Reference Books for the CMMI-SVC v1.3 model. The books provide quick access to goals and practices for each process area. A perfect tool to use for any appraisal. More...

Quick Reference Guide